Gamerscene: What to Expect in 2015

The new year is upon us. People across the globe will be attempting to shed weight. None of that is happening on Gamerscene. Here, we eat steak and don’t apologize. That is all.

Come 2015, yours truly will be reviewing more albums with Robby. As of today, we have reviewed 25 albums. That’s no small feat. With the arrival of 2015, we’ll be bringing you more music, more insight, and, hopefully, more laughs.

If you are not a regular reader of our reviews, check out what I consider to be one of our best. Our take on Santana’s Supernatural is one that turned out golden.

Robert and I try to achieve a healthy balance between new music and music that is far past its original release, as we truly believe that there is fresh music to be found from all over time and all over the world.

We have tackled artists ranging in genre, from Johnny Cash’s postmortem album Out Among the Stars to Eminem’s newest record, the Marshall Mathers LP 2. We have explored reggae through Dub Inc’s Paradise and psychedelic rock through Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon. We’ve tackled Christian music, whether it be through Skillet’s Rise or Phil Wickham’s Cannons, as well as indie rock through both Linkin Park’s Hunting Party and Lydia’s Illuminate

That’s just scratching the surface. Rob and I have explored a multitude of other genres and artists, and have probed names both popular and unpopular.

Perhaps the best part of the album reviews are the trail of Robbyisms that they leave behind. For those unfamiliar, a Robbyism is a phrase from Robby that can be construed as hilarious. Rob’s a funny dude, both consciously and unconsciously. Often times he’ll write something in a review that yields laughter. These phrases are so commonplace that after every wave of album reviews (10 reviews = 1 wave), I sift through the reviews and pick the funniest 10. What comes of this are my favorite posts to reside on Gamerscene. The Top 1o Robbyisms of Wave 1 and Wave 2 are undoubtedly the best posts of the year. I look forward to the compilation of Wave 3 Robbyisms, as they are guaranteed to plant smiles all around. Check out the posts if you haven’t already.

Without a doubt, it’s been a wild journey. I would like to thank all of you for sharing, liking, commenting, and enjoying the album reviews. We hope that you continue to enjoy them. Keep on requesting and keep on reading! You guys and gals keep us going.

Thank you once again. Get wasted responsibly. 



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