The Top 10 Robbyisms of Wave Three Album Reviews

Those who read the album reviews that are posted here on Gamerscene know that none of them are complete without the opinion of my cousin Robert. There are occasions where Robby says something that is unintentionally hilarious. Now that we have 30 album reviews completed, I am going to dive into the most recent wave of 10 and pick the best Robbyisms. Let me know in the comments which Robbyism you find the most hilarious. This list was a blast to compile, and hopefully it’s even more of a blast to read. A fresh list of Robbyisms will be made at each increment of 10 album reviews. Let’s get started!

(the ranking of the Robbyisms are completely determined by my own personal opinion)

10. “Yo ho ho and away we go on a mellow voyage on the great blue sea.” – Robert on Phil Wickham’s Sailing On a Ship

Robert’s pirate jargon is on point. This comes as no surprise, as he is formally known as Robbie the One-Eyed Robber of the High Seas.

rob pirate

Notorious in Spain, Portugal, and Ethiopia.

9.“I first thought that On my Mind was about a murderer or something, but then Swoope started to rap about buying stuff. It is so confusing that it annoys me.” – Robert on Swoope’s On my Mind

8. “No, I do not want to hug ya and squeeze ya.” – Robert on the Cinematic Orchestra’s Channel 1 Suite

Robert’s harsh rejection of any hugging is hilarious. He shoots down the mere thought of it right away.

7. “ Jesus will always be there to help us get through our lives. Jesus Lord of Heaven reminds us of this, and helps us to remember to pray to him every day/night/both.” – Robert on Phil Wickham’s Jesus Lord of Heaven

Rob’s use of slashes is remarkable. 

6. “Believe me: being quiet, isolating yourself, and not caring about anything is a terrible way to live. I have a friend who is like that, and my buddies and I always try our hardest to change him.” – Robert on Skillet’s American Noise

Robert is basically Spider Man. He swings in to save the day with his super friends. 

5. “Page’s solo is heavy, loud, and obnoxious in the best way possible. If you hate it then you hate music.” – Robert on Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused


4. “Sorry, no hably espanol, so I cannot understand anything being said in this song.” – Robert on Santana’s (Da Le) Yaleo

Rob’s Spanish error is completely forgivable because he tried.

3. Whenever that solo starts, I blast the song and play air-guitar, even if I am in the car! Of course, I still have a hand on the steering wheel. I’m not that stupid! – Robert on Pearl Jam’s Alive

Robert practices safe driving and busts out a mean air-guitar solo.


A masterful solo on New Year’s Eve.

2. “You may find that screaming annoying, (like my mom) but that is what makes Chris a great singer.” – Robert on Chris Cornell’s Mission

Nuff said.

1. “Hold the phone…is that Cee-Lo I hear? Wait, why is there crap in a Santana song?” – Robert on Santana’s Do You Like the Way (featuring Lauryn Hill and Cee-Lo)

Robert straight up calls Cee-Lo crap. Not Cee-Lo’s music, not Cee-Lo’s voice. No, Rob calls Cee-Lo himself crap. And this is why I love Robert.

Let me know which Robbyism was your favorite! Thanks for reading! Request an album and support the album reviews, as Robby and I have no intentions of stopping them. Wave 3 has been completed. 



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