Alex Turner Album Review: Submarine (2011)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Submarine by Alex Turner, the soundtrack of the film Submarine.

In green is my opinion. I am familiar with some of Alex Turner’s work, from the Last Shadow Puppets to the Arctic Monkeys. I have not seen the Submarine movie.

In blue is my cousin Robert’s opinion. He too is familiar with the Last Shadow Puppets and the Arctic Monkeys. He has not seen the Submarine movie either.

Note that this soundtrack is being reviewed purely as an album. We are not reviewing the music in relation to its use in the Submarine movie. Let’s get started!

Stuck on the Puzzle (intro)

Alex, you tease. You gave us a great verse with pondering piano and curious acoustics. You led us to believe that we would be getting a full song, but nay. Stuck on the Puzzle is a nice little tidbit that teases what is arguably the best song of the album. How can you hate this brief little bite of a tune?

We start off the album with a mellow song that does not even last for a minute. It sounds so nice, but it is just too short. I love the acoustic guitar. This track reminds me of being on a tropical island.

Hiding Tonight

Holy chill. Alex might as well be sleeping. The guitar might as well be sleeping. The violin might as well be sleeping. I might as well be sleeping. The acoustic and electric guitars are gentle yet pleasantly apparent, pairing well with Turner’s relaxed voice. Hiding Tonight is a floating track that may very well add some pounds to your eyelids.

Hiding Tonight makes me want to lie down on a hot summer day, shut my eyes, and take a nice nap without getting a sunburn. Turner’s voice is so pleasant that anybody can fall in love with it and relax to it. Just like the previous song, Hiding Tonight also has an island/beach vibe.

Glass in the Park

The electric guitar is the highlight of this track. When the guitar pings, it sounds delicious. Its tone is on point. Alex Turner delivers another relaxed vocal performance, though he is more awake than he was during Hiding Tonight. Perhaps Turner recorded this song after drinking a single sip of coffee.

This song is so dope that I almost fell asleep while listening to it. Songs don’t usually do that to me. Once again, it is the mix of Turner’s voice along with the soothing guitars that makes everything chill. Just forget about life for a bit and listen to this four minute beauty.

It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind

Entirely acoustic, It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind is a quiet song with a nice melody and some solid lyrics. I am fond of the “pepper in the pill” concept mentioned within the song. The acoustics in this track are lovely as well. It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind is a stripped-back track that manages to stand on two legs despite its simplicity.

It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind is a song I would love to learn how to play on the guitar. I feel like it is one of those songs that you can play and sing when you are with a group of people. It is calm and soothing. This song would be perfect for a coffee shop scene or a bonfire.

Stuck on the Puzzle

Hell yes. Stuck on the Puzzle is like bombazz mac and cheese. It just clicks. It works. It is goodness. In this song, the bass and the drums mesh together effortlessly, the wonky guitar is incredible, and Turner sings with confidence. Stuck on the Puzzle is an anthemic song that is rockin’ like bombazz mac and cheese is rockin’. That is, it’s rockin’ a lot.

Fun fact: I suck at puzzles in real life and in video games. Stuck on the Puzzle showcases the beautiful lyrics that Alex Turner often comes up with. I feel like this could be a love song, thought I cannot completely put together its meaning (No pun intended). Either way, this song is pretty, and sounds like it could be an Arctic Monkeys tune.

Piledriver Waltz

Piledriver Waltz is a ball (no pun intended). The lyrics are captivating, the vocal melody is entrancing, the piano is strong, and the music is successfully moody. The way that the track slows down as it reaches its chorus is remarkably compelling. Piledriver Waltz has soul and many shades of melancholy. I enjoy the heck out of this song.

Wooooo we’re going on Dancing With the Stars!!! Oh wait, we’re not? Good. I would be the first one gone anyway. We end the Submarine EP with another beautifully written song. The lyrics are wonderful and I love the piano! Piledriver Waltz is another track that I can relax to. I think this song would sound majestic acoustically. Thank you all for reading another review. I hope you are still awake, because this EP does make you sleepy.

My Top 3

Glass in the Park

Stuck on the Puzzle

Piledriver Waltz

Robby’s Top 3

Glass in the Park

It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind

Piledriver Waltz

The Submarine EP is a soothing listen. It isn’t overbearing and it isn’t boring. Instead, this six-track midget of an album makes quite the impression. Alex Turner did a swell job with this T-Bone. If there were more tracks that were as impressive as those included here, this record could have very well been a Filet. Take a listen to this tiny album and judge for yourself. The worst that could happen is wasting 19 minutes of your life.



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