Interview with Natalia, Editor of the Album Reviews

The album reviews on this blog are nearly 100% free of technical errors because of the efforts of Natalia, the blog’s one and only album review editor. Since over 30 album reviews have been published as of today, I have decided it is time for her to get some extra recognition for her hard work. Let’s take a look at the interview I conducted with Natalia.

Juck: So Natalia. What is it that you like most about editing the album reviews?

Natalia: I enjoy getting to learn more about the different types of music and different artists and stuff life like that. It’s fun. I like finding music that I like through the album reviews.

Juck: Which album has been your favorite to edit?

Natalia: One of my favorites was the Lydia album review because I loved hearing what you had to say and it was entertaining seeing you bash the album. I also love any review with Robbyisms in it.

Juck: Is there an album that you dreaded editing?

Natalia: Citizen Cope. I hate Citizen Cope. All of his songs sound the same. He sounds like an amateur artist who just made songs in his room. Like he just keeps making more and they sound the same because he doesn’t know what to do.

Juck: What is the biggest mistake that you have had to edit?

Natalia: You said headband instead of headbang. I don’t know if that’s the worst. And Robert doesn’t make any sense sometimes.

Juck: What is the most ridiculous thing that you have read while editing an album review?

Natalia: *laughs* Well when Robert said “you need to pray every night/day/both.” I love his use of slashes because they don’t make sense.

Juck: How do you think that Robert and I differ in our review styles?

Natalia: You’re a little bit more descriptive and you really get into the music and the instruments, whereas Robert does do that, but he also focuses more on the meaning of each song. What he says is more casual.

Juck: Would you ever consider reviewing an album with Rob and I?

Natalia: Yes, I would love to, if you let me. I really want to do that Hannah Montana one for April Fools.

Juck: Thank you, Natalia.

Natalia: Thank you, and thank you, everyone, for being cool.




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