Who We Are

Hi. I’m Juckanin. I’m the lad who runs this blog. Here’s a bit about me:

Some of my favorite movies include…



Kingsman: The Secret Service

In Bruges

The Boondock Saints

Reservoir Dogs


The Road to El Dorado


Good Will Hunting

Star Trek


…the list is long.


Some of my favorite TV Shows include:

Freaks and Geeks


Lie to Me

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Walking Dead

Impractical Jokers

Ghost Adventures (what can I say?)

…and I’m in the process of watching many more. There’s a long list I’m truckin’ through.


Some artists/bands I like include:

Dave Matthews Band

Citizen Cope


Bob Marley

Bill Withers

Jack Johnson


John Mayer

Chris Isaak

…and many, many more.


All album reviews are revised and edited by Natalia.




47 comments on “Who We Are

  1. I see you do not like eddie murphy see the golden child it is kind of old but worth a watch I like it. Also, shame on u for not liking Adam Sandler he has a lot of amazing movies, Just go with it, The longest yard, grown ups, and a lot of others. John when i do the football thing can i do an about me too.

  2. Here’s my question(s): shrederdude 63- how did you first meet him, what your initial thoughts on him were, did it change overtime, and how you finally realized that he was just plain cool and deserves to be on the list on this page?

  3. Three things. One I was in your art class before gym. Two, what do you mean oddly passionate???!!! Three, you underrated my speaking talents. To be frank, I am 8x better than what I was three years ago when you met me.Ask Petro. Made him pee his pants when i read Edgar Allen Poe.

  4. Im not gonna bash you because you don’t like the Steelers. Opinions make us who we are. Personally, I think the only good thing about the Cowboys is Witten, the cheerleaders, and the WRs. But hey, we all have our own opinions. I respect the Cowboys, but I don’t like them.

  5. Love the site and how much information you have on here. Wanted to thank you again for stopping by and commenting on my movie review posts. Can’t believe you love Eminem, too. He’s my all time favorite, and “Till I Collapse” has got to be my top second or third favorite song of his. Also, Adam Richman is just plain awesome. I was lucky enough to see him live hosting an eating contest. He is one incredibly funny guy.

    • Wow! Adam Richman live? Top 10 on the Bucket List I created seconds ago. Thank you for the support, and I’m sure we’ll be trading comments every so often

  6. I have solved this weeks riddle the airplane picture is under the batmans embrassing dark voice rage segment. The first line is that airplanes were used as toys and on 9/11 they were abused. The second line says how they are iconic for how a plane was hi-jacked on 9/11 and crashed into the twin towers and destroyed them. For the third line the executive decision to invade iraq was made by president bush after 9/11. The last line is a hint to the location of the picture because batmans dark night voice makes him sound like he has voice cancer. that is it .

    • The Executive Decision took place in one of these.

      You say the answer is a plane. Bush decided that decision in a plane? Sorry, you are incorrect

  7. regards your review on the reboot of spiderman I actually like all 3 movies v33ry much but I dont have a very good feeling on this reboot.

  8. I personally would like the think a bit Thursdays more. The call of duty Saturday or whatever sounds boring.

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