Juck’s Thoughts on Octopussy

I’m in the process of watching every Bond movie, from the first to the most recent. I will be giving my thoughts on each film as I go along. Not many people have seen every Bond film, and so I feel that this should be an interesting journey. Let’s get started!


My word, Roger Moore has gotten old. 

Octopussy features what is possibly the worst credit sequence in any Bond film, and it’s not even because of the song. The visuals were subtle as the double-take pigeon and looked as if they were made with the skill of a Video Production I student. It was utter rubbish.

Octopussy’s strongest element was its villains. Both of the villains succeeded in being intimidating. I feel that Eon knew that it had such a solid cast of baddies this time around, as they dressed up Kamal Khan (Yes, they named the Afghani price Kamal. Camel. Kamal. Two thumbs up for cultural sensitivity) in Dr. No’s iconic getup.

The movie as whole, however, while it was able to keep my attention, was ultimately uninspired and dull, suffering from many of the same issues as did For Your Eyes Only. The film was relatively well-made, yet it didn’t have the charm of most other Bond films.

The circus element of the film was an usual fixture that threw me back to the supernatural element of Live and Let Die in that it was bizarre.

To make things worse, there were many points where I felt the movie wasn’t being remotely serious. The clown chase, the knife-throwing twins, the tennis rackets, Bond’s attempt at going at it with Octopussy while injured…The movie was just so tonally jumbled and bizarre. I was genuinely confused as to whether or not Eon was attempting to parody itself or if they were trying to come across as bold on account of randomness.


Highlight scenes include the tense auction scene and the surprisingly effective circus diffusion scene.

Octopussy was a dry installment of the Bond franchise. Yes, despite the clowns, the movie was dry. It was watchable, as I said before, but it was missing gusto. So far, 80s Bond is 0/2.