Juck’s Thoughts on the World Is Not Enough

The world is not enough. It is nahht. Oh hi Mark. – Tommy Wiseau.


It is no secret that Christopher Nolan is a huge Bond fan by his own admission. With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder if Cobb’s rappel scene from Nolan’s very own Inception was inspired by this movie. A more eerie similarity between this particular Bond film and another one of Nolan’s pictures, The Dark Knight, is between two lines of dialogue. In the World Is Not Enough, a character says, “She could be everywhere” in reference to M’s potential death by bomb. Of course, if the bomb were to have gone off, M’s remains would certainly be “everywhere.” In the Dark Knight, when Batman is interrogating the Joker as to the whereabouts of Harvey Dent, the Joker responds, “Depending on the time, he may in one spot, or several.” Interesting, how the lines of dialogue are so similar under like circumstances.

On the other side of things, this Bond film nods to an older era of Bond and refers to Live and Let Die by flipping a speedboat. Thankfully, because the universe was kind on a particular day in the editing room, there was no slide whistle sound effect include this time around!

The World Is Not Enough features another strong Q scene, one that undoubtedly served as an appropriate sendoff for Desmond Llewelyn, who died shortly after the film’s release. The scene is touching, and it marks the end of a truly spectacular Q. Brosnan brought out the best in Llewelyn, as is palpable on screen. Or perhaps it was Llewelyn who brought out the best in Brosnan. However the chemistry was conjured, the two have the greatest scenes of any Bond-Q pair to date.

I have finally determined that Brosnan handles a gun significantly better than he handles hand-to-hand combat. The manner in which he handles firearms exudes confidence and power, which is fitting, given that this Bond has proven to be more fond of including (and more apt to have) technology in his arsenal.


I enjoyed seeing Robbie Coltrane’s Zukovsky appear once again, with his first appearance being in GoldenEye. Continuity is a rare element in Bond films, and seeing a recurring supporting character who isn’t from MI6 a pleasant treat.

Though The World Is Not Enough moves along Bond’s evolution quite nicely, the film lost much of its charm and shine as it went on, suffering from a problem possessed by a host of older Bond films. That is, the second half of the film lags. This is a decent Bond film, but it is not a standout for me.



The Top 10 Robbyisms of Wave Three Album Reviews

Those who read the album reviews that are posted here on Gamerscene know that none of them are complete without the opinion of my cousin Robert. There are occasions where Robby says something that is unintentionally hilarious. Now that we have 30 album reviews completed, I am going to dive into the most recent wave of 10 and pick the best Robbyisms. Let me know in the comments which Robbyism you find the most hilarious. This list was a blast to compile, and hopefully it’s even more of a blast to read. A fresh list of Robbyisms will be made at each increment of 10 album reviews. Let’s get started!

(the ranking of the Robbyisms are completely determined by my own personal opinion)

10. “Yo ho ho and away we go on a mellow voyage on the great blue sea.” – Robert on Phil Wickham’s Sailing On a Ship

Robert’s pirate jargon is on point. This comes as no surprise, as he is formally known as Robbie the One-Eyed Robber of the High Seas.

rob pirate

Notorious in Spain, Portugal, and Ethiopia.

9.“I first thought that On my Mind was about a murderer or something, but then Swoope started to rap about buying stuff. It is so confusing that it annoys me.” – Robert on Swoope’s On my Mind

8. “No, I do not want to hug ya and squeeze ya.” – Robert on the Cinematic Orchestra’s Channel 1 Suite

Robert’s harsh rejection of any hugging is hilarious. He shoots down the mere thought of it right away.

7. “ Jesus will always be there to help us get through our lives. Jesus Lord of Heaven reminds us of this, and helps us to remember to pray to him every day/night/both.” – Robert on Phil Wickham’s Jesus Lord of Heaven

Rob’s use of slashes is remarkable. 

6. “Believe me: being quiet, isolating yourself, and not caring about anything is a terrible way to live. I have a friend who is like that, and my buddies and I always try our hardest to change him.” – Robert on Skillet’s American Noise

Robert is basically Spider Man. He swings in to save the day with his super friends. 

5. “Page’s solo is heavy, loud, and obnoxious in the best way possible. If you hate it then you hate music.” – Robert on Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused


4. “Sorry, no hably espanol, so I cannot understand anything being said in this song.” – Robert on Santana’s (Da Le) Yaleo

Rob’s Spanish error is completely forgivable because he tried.

3. Whenever that solo starts, I blast the song and play air-guitar, even if I am in the car! Of course, I still have a hand on the steering wheel. I’m not that stupid! – Robert on Pearl Jam’s Alive

Robert practices safe driving and busts out a mean air-guitar solo.


A masterful solo on New Year’s Eve.

2. “You may find that screaming annoying, (like my mom) but that is what makes Chris a great singer.” – Robert on Chris Cornell’s Mission

Nuff said.

1. “Hold the phone…is that Cee-Lo I hear? Wait, why is there crap in a Santana song?” – Robert on Santana’s Do You Like the Way (featuring Lauryn Hill and Cee-Lo)

Robert straight up calls Cee-Lo crap. Not Cee-Lo’s music, not Cee-Lo’s voice. No, Rob calls Cee-Lo himself crap. And this is why I love Robert.

Let me know which Robbyism was your favorite! Thanks for reading! Request an album and support the album reviews, as Robby and I have no intentions of stopping them. Wave 3 has been completed. 


The Top 10 Robbyisms of Wave Two Album Reviews

Those who read the album reviews that are posted here on Gamerscene know that none of them are complete without the opinion of my cousin Robert. There are occasions where Robby says something that is unintentionally hilarious. Now that we have 20 album reviews completed, I am going to dive into the most recent wave of 10 and pick the best Robbyisms. Let me know in the comments which Robbyism you find the most hilarious. This list was a blast to compile, and hopefully it’s even more of a blast to read. A fresh list of Robbyisms will be made at each increment of 10 album reviews. Let’s get started!

(the ranking of the Robbyisms are completely determined by my own personal opinion)

10. “I can imagine square dancing to this song, followed by downing a nice glass of Cream Soda. Oh, you thought I was going to say beer? Beer is for yellerbellies! Yee haw!” – Robert on Johnny Cash’s I’m Movin’ On

The southern blood is strong in this one. Here is a picture of Robert eating gator, right in the heart of South Carolina.


It’s actually a lamb chop. And it’s actually New Jersey. But this picture is still great.

9. “For you French noobs out there, Chaque Nouvelle Page means Each New Page. I am not fluent in French, even though I took it for 7 years (I blame teachers)” – Robert on Dub Inc’s Chaque Nouvelle Page

The fact that Robert takes accountability for his actions is admirable.

8.“Oh no. This song sounds too Arabic. It reminds me of every party my family and cousins go to, because all they do is blast Arabic music all night long. The parties get loud and annoying, especially since we cannot understand a dang word they are saying.” – Robert on Dub Inc’s Foudagh






7. “If you ever have a bad day (I have had many of those days) and you need something to make your day better, then listen to this song. You can thank me later when your day brightens up like an emerging sunrise.” – Robert on Lydia’s Sleep Well

“An emerging sunrise.” Call him Robby Shakespeare.


Pure sophistication. Graduating from top schools with so many degrees no one can count.

6. “To me, it seems that Ink is literally about getting tattoos. If I ever got a tattoo, I know that my dad would kick me out of the house.” – Robert on Coldplay’s Ink

I can totally envision Robert with a tattoo of a shark on his back. A shark with wings.

5. “I could imagine people marching to this song, or having it be a theme song for anything in life.” – Robert on Linkin Park’s Rebellion

Yes, that song can certainly fit with anything in life. Like cooking. Or a child’s ballet ensemble. Or a funeral.

4. “This song is pure poetry. Honestly, someone should give this guy a Nobel Prize or something.” – Robert on Rodriguez’s Rich Folks Hoax

Robert’s child-like enamor towards Sixto Rodriguez is captured in this very moment. It’s hilarious.

3. “Personal hygiene is important everyone, especially concerning your teeth. Make sure you brush 2-3 times daily, because you do not want to have a bad teeth. My parents regret it.” – Robert on Lorde’s White Teeth Teens

I will be sure not to show this post to his parents.

2. “I can imagine myself getting high  (that will never happen) and having a bunch of weird hallucinations to this song. As a side note: I am in no way promoting drugs to any of you. That stuff will mess up/end your life.” – Robert on Pink Floyd’s On the Run

Some vivid imagery is created by Robert as he urges the reader to stay off drugs. Robert seeing unicorns and dragons as he floats on a wave of yellow comes to mind.

1. “The world is filled with wonders, and this song reminds us that is it is okay to wonder about certain things in life. For all of our younger viewers out there, do not worry or wonder about sex. Trust me, you do not want to know about it until you have matured. For of all the mature viewers out there, please do not overdo it with the sex, like the Game of Thrones, and enjoy it responsibly.” – Robert on Rodriguez’s I Wonder

Robert takes a jab at wondering, sex, and Game of Thrones. Rob’s the sheriff and he doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Deal with it.

Let me know which Robbyism was your favorite! Thanks for reading! Request an album and support the album reviews, as Robby and I have no intentions of stopping them.


Search Term Sunday: Arabic, Confusion, and Thieves

Search Term Sunday is here! Here, I take search terms that people have typed into their search engines that have led to Gamerscene and analyze them. Let’s do this.

andrew garfield spectacles

I have a strong feeling that you’re British. How educated you sound.

im excited for my cousin to come

Congratulations, would you like an award?

would i win the hunger games

Are you kidding me? Google isn’t an omniscient being.

what animated movie has a wrist watch that say rec with lightning dails

What could you possibly need to know this for? And how do you expect to find the answer to your question with a search term like that?

فيلم بلايند سايد

This translates to Blind Side Movie. You’re free to go. I expected something relating to shawarma.

braveheart formal review

As opposed to an informal review? Life isn’t McDonald’s. You can’t have it your way.

black ops 2 gun reticals explained

What are you seeking? You can’t find a picture of the reticles and see them for yourself? Really?

you didnt notice that we skipped number 5

An attempt to taunt Google…failed…because you landed here…? I’m so confused.

is benjamins a good gun camo for cod black ops 2 

So instead of looking at the camo himself, this knucklehead asks the internet if they think it looks good. Genius.

didn’t monday

I totally understand you.

how 2 get new call of duty camos for free

Here’s how: Step 1: Purchase them legally.

What was your favorite search term? Let me know in the comments below!


Search Term Sunday: Watches, Blood and Bohemian Rhapsody

Search Term Sunday is here! What is this sorcery “Search Term Sunday?” Well, here, I take search terms that people have typed into their search engines that have led to Gamerscene and analyze them. Let’s do this.

john travolta watches

Watch count: 1

modified rolex watches

Watch count: 2

diamond in face movie

007: Die Another Day. I still remember the diamond-faced Korean. Bond also used a watch to detonate explosives in that one. Watch count: 3

i brought bejamin pack for black ops 2 and its not on my guns how do you do iy

Start by shortening your search terms. KEY WORDS buddy.

how many microsoft points do i need to get the new zombie map vengeance

The map is called Buried. The PACK is called Vengeance. It’ll cost you an ounce of knowledge.


blood in a line

…You people are sick.

fried chicken funn

I wonder how you can have fun with fried chicken. Fried chicken is good, but to have fun with it? Please tell me how you can do so.

how many microsoft points does it take to buy all of the camos for black ops 2 at once3

How about this? Take the price of one camo and multiply it by the total amount of camos. Use some common sense.

why is expendables 2 so corny

Did you see the cast?

freddy mercury lo para normal

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” ~The ghost of Freddy Mercury

Which term was your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.


Women Wednesday #9: Power Imbalance

You have a Filet and a Hot Dog. Pairing them together as a course option at a restaurant just doesn’t work. The Hot Dog doesn’t work with the Filet and the Filet doesn’t work with the Hot Dog. This is the best way that I can describe a power imbalance.

A power imbalance is when one guy or girl in a relationship is higher than another, typically in terms of social status.

This is more common in high school than in any other environment, so if you’re in high school, listen up.

When the most popular girl in school is dating a guy who isn’t so popular, for example, it’s a problem. When one party holds the control and the other is lucky to even be part of the relationship, it’s a problem.

A relationship is a partnership between equals. If your partner or potential partner has a social status that is higher than yours or lower than yours, it’s not a relationship, it’s a power imbalance. When one has more wealth or social status than another, it can work, but one will likely feel more empowered over the other.

That’s not how a relationship is supposed to work. It’s supposed to be you and her as a team. Any other way is incorrect. When one has leverage over the other or a feeling of owing the other, it’s not good.

When a highly prestigious steak house collaborates with a locally owned, quiet steakhouse, it may seem good. The small steakhouse obviously loves the attention that its getting because of the bigger steakhouse being involved. But the prestigious steak house feels superior in the situation. Now, the lower steak house owes the bigger one for helping them along. That’s not a good partnership. A good partnership needs to be balanced.

So, guys, if you feel like the luckiest guy for being the most popular girl although you’re not very popular, reevaluate your situation. What does she gain from you and what do you gain from her? Think critically, as there could be a power imbalance happening.

Thanks for reading! What do you think about this topic? Let me know in the comments below!


Women Wednesday #8: Valentine’s Day Special: Pickup Lines

Tomorrow is a very special day. Either you’ll be spending the day with your significant other or you’ll be listening to this song while stuffing your face with chocolates while watching the Notebook.

I don’t want you to have to listen to that song. In honor of Valentine’s Day, this post is going to be free of meat analogies and entirely made of pickup lines. I will bold my favorites, but understand that none of these lines are guaranteed to work. Some may give actually hurt your efforts to find a woman. But it may be so worth it. Share this list with your friends, whether they’re taken or single. They may find this post amusing. Here we go.

Are you a parking ticket? Because you have FINE written all over you.

Babe, are you size 6 font? Because you’re fine.

If being sexy were a crime, you’d be guilty as charged.

Excuse me, can I have directions? (Where?) To your heart.

Can I take a picture of you? (Why?) So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

Babe, you must be a broom, because you sweep me off my feet.

I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.

Do you believe in love at first sight or do I need to walk by again?

Can I have a band-aid? I hurt myself when I fell for you.

Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way away from here.

You must be Jamaican, because Ja makin’ me crazy.

Are you an alien? Because you abducted my heart.

Do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes.

If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.

Hey baby, I might have to call Jesus, because I think he lost one of his angels.

In my eyes, you’re a library, because I’m definitely checking you out.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put I and U together.

Life without you would be like life with a broken pencil: pointless.

Hey baby, can I check your pockets? I believe that you stole my heart.

I’m like chocolate pudding: I look like crap but I’m sweet as can be.

Is your dad an astronaut? It appears to me that he took the stars and put them in your eyes.

Do you like water? (Yes.) Then you already like 75% of my body.

You’re so sweet that I’m getting cavities.

Is your dad a terrorist? Because you’re the bomb.

You’re so sweet that you could put Hershey’s out of business.

I just ate some Skittles. Would you like to taste the rainbow?

You’re so beautiful that I forgot my pickup line.

This should be plenty. Let me know what your favorite pickup line is and suggest some of your own. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Search-Term Sunday: Harry Houdini’s Butt, Spanish Speakers, and False Frenchman

Before I begin, I’d just like to thank everybody who asked a question for the upcoming Q and A. If you haven’t asked a question yet and you’d like to know something about me or the blog, leave a comment on any post with your question(s) and I’ll definitely include it in the Q and A. I appreciate the support!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second Search-Term Sunday. In this series, I take search terms that people typed into Google to find my blog and comment on some of them. WordPress has a function which tells me the search terms each day, and so these are all real terms that people searched to find my blog. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

tom hardy look alike

This person was obviously looking for Logan Marshall-Green, the guy from Prometheus, the 5-cent Tom Hardy.

i got the award


grandma & hipster

This would be a great name for some clothing line. It’d be a place where grandmothers could buy one Metallica T-Shirt and get one Rise Against T-Shirt for free.

(I’m not a fan of Rise Against by the way. I’m not a hipster. 🙂 )

angry birds the hobbit

I could find no correlation between Angry Birds and the Hobbit. I don’t know why anybody would put The Hobbit with Angry Birds.

i love black people

Thank you for sharing.

western water pistols

Kids still play with water guns? Here’s a western water pistol for you. It comes with a cheap little buckle too.

américain obèse hamburger stéréotype

These accents don’t add any authenticity to this phrase. You thought you can fool me? I know you’re not French. You just put accents over an English phrase. That doesn’t make you French.

sick old grandmas

You must truly be a sick person to search for sick old grandmas. I hope YOU become a sick old grandma…even if you’re a guy.

kacamata peter parker

My second and third most popular search-terms are ‘andrew garfield glasses’ and andrew garfield with glasses’ which have, combined, given me 178 views. So when I got this term, I was almost afraid to look up what a Kacamata was. It turns out that Kacamata is a brand of glasses. These ladies loves Andrew Garfield’s glasses.

harry houdinis butt

…I don’t know what to say to that.

how to make real juggernog

What on earth do you need Juggernog for? And why would I tell you how to make it? I need some for myself for the Zombie apocalypse. I understand your concern, but I need to protect myself. I’d advise you to grab some buddies, as it seems like you won’t be surviving very long.

intoxicated euphoria

…I review movies…I don’t give advice on things of this sort…

spongebob movie script

How complicated can the script possibly be? It’s just two idiots laughing together. There’s nothing much to it.

perks do call fo duty zombie

Kids, stay in school. This is what happens when you leave school to go try your hand at becoming a gangster. You can’t spell simple words. This will be your future if you choose the thug life. Don’t become this

todos los perks de call of duty 2 de zombies

It’s look like we have some Spanish speakers who have found gamerscene. In that case: ‘Hola. Me llamo Johnathan. Como te llamas?’ I honestly did that without using Google translate. I deserve a high-five or something for that. To those who are not smart in the Spanish department, the above translates to: All the perks from Call of Duty from Zombies. I did that without Google Translate as well. I deserve an Oscar for that one.

That’s all for this week! Which Search Term was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


Women Wednesday #7: Being a Middle Man

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Women Wednesday. If you’re new to Gamerscene and are wondering what this is, allow me to explain. Women Wednesday is the series in which I give advice about women. Am I qualified to do this? Not in the slightest. I watch movies and review them. That’s where my expertise ends. But it was you, the viewers, who voted for me to do this, and so I am rolling with it. I use meat analogies to explain my opinions, and I hope you can take away some quality advice after reading these posts. If you want to offer your own advice or critique mine in the comments below, please feel free to do so. I love to hear from you guys.

Without any further day, let’s go into this week’s topic: Being the middle man.


Don’t fret, invisible voice. I will explain. The middle man is the person who intrudes regulates a relationship in which at least one of their friends is in…typically a female friend.

When a close female friend has a new boyfriend, many guys feel the need to be protective. They want to be a mediator. They want to be a middle man. I’m here to tell all of you guys that if you want to be an unspoken middle man, tread carefully.

I am the type of guy who strongly believes that a relationship should include no third person. It is nobody’s business what goes on between the guy and the girl. It seems like now, however, there is no privacy. Guys need to play macho men and be a sort of protector for their girl friends. Guys, don’t fall into this trap.

Think about this. You are dining at a fancy restaraunt. The place smells great, the service is flawless, and your fork is shining as if it were never used. Then you are served your Filet. You are trying to enjoy it and get a feel for it, but then the owner of the restaraunt approaches you and asks, “How’s your steak?” You smile and say that it is delightful. The owner leaves you to eat your meal. Two minutes later, he comes back and asks if it is salted correctly. Two minutes after that, he asks you if it was cooked to your liking. And every couple of minutes, he comes and intrudes upon your meal. A meal that was verging on perfect was ruined by the owner: The middle man. He was the only thing coming in between you and your steak.

This is exactly how your female friend will feel about you if you keep intruding in her relationship. I get that you want to watch out for your female friend. I get that you don’t want her to get hurt by the guy she is with. But if you keep on being nosey or shady in the ways that you find out the status of her relationship, she won’t see you as a good friend. She will see you as being jealous. Jealousy is a whole other topic, however.

If you have concerns that your friend’s relationship is impacting her negatively, you have a right to talk to her about it. I’m not trying to outlaw that right. But you can’t consider her business to be yours.

Imagine yourself as being a steakhouse owner. Every day, a manager that works below you comes in and starts to look over the restaraunt’s bills. He sits at your desk and starts getting the pay ready for all of the employees. You would be flustered, in awe, and offended. Your manager is treating your business as his. This is how your female friend will feel if you intrude in her business. It is HER business, not yours.

You need to have a trust and a respect towards your friend that she will make the right decisions. If you feel she isn’t making beneficial choices, you can discuss it with her, but if you’re the guy bringing up problems to her every week, she will see you as being jealous rather than a guy who actually cares for her.

When she is in this relationship, talk to her about normal things. Talk to her as if this boyfriend of hers never came into her life. Don’t ignore the fact that she’s taken, simply stay relatable. Don’t let this guy of hers throw you off of normal conversation. If you remain her friend when she’s with another guy, you can sustain your friendship with her. When the relationship ends, which it will, you will be glad that you didn’t intrude. When she looks back at her time with this boyfriend and how you handled it, she will value you more and respect you more for giving her space and trusting her.

The bottom line is this: If a female friend of yours is in a relationship, being a middle man isn’t a good choice.

Do you have any suggestions for next week’s Women Wednesday? If so, leave a comment below with your recommended topics. Also, let me know what you thought of this post. Thanks for reading!


Women Wednesday #6: The 5 Languages of Love- Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, we are BACK with another Women Wednesday. Last week we talked about the first 3 Languages of Love. You can check that post out right here. This week, we will go over the last two Languages. They are Service and Touch.

Let’s start with Service. You are at a restaurant. The Filet you order is cooked to perfection. Every bite tastes like heaven. But the steak was given to you without any silverware, the waiter didn’t seem to care about you, and the lighting is very dim. You don’t feel loved because the service is terrible. The overall product might be nice, but the waiter and restaurant did not show that they care about you. The same is true with relationships. If your girl speaks the Language of Service, she feels most loved when you help her. By getting off of the couch and doing something for your girl, she will see you as somebody who cares. She feels most loved when you put aside your wants and desires to simply do something for her. Cooking her a meal, fixing what she needs to get fixed, and doing little things for her makes her feel special.

But you need to understand that you can’t carry her on your back and act as her slave. Be kind, offer some service, but don’t chew her food for her. She could eventually see you as her personal lapdog. That is obviously not a good thing. So if your girl or the girl you have your eye on is one who speaks the language of Service, know that you have to show her that you care by doing things for her.

Now onto the fifth and final Language: Touch. If your girl speaks the Language of Touch, she feels most loved when you two are physically in contact. A girl who speaks the Language of Touch is like a chef who loves to touch her meat. As she prepares it, she doesn’t just throw it on the grill. She makes sure that the dry rub is well distributed on the steak, and that it feels correct. She is very physical with her steaks. Hugs, holding hands, pokes, and physical contact makes a Touch girl feel most loved. Speaking this Language is not difficult at all. It’s almost like speaking old English. We already know English, and old English is basically the same thing, except for a few different words and grammatical rules. ‘Hark thy tomato sauce!’ and ‘That’s some great tomato sauce!’ is the same thing. So if your girl is one who feels most loved when she is Touched, then you must speak the Language of Touch as well.

Guys, you need to be very careful about this. Don’t get reckless. Have respect for your girl and make good decisions. You can’t have a good relationship in jail, after all.

bail, flexible payment plans, bond

So that’s all for this week! These are the 5 Languages of Love. It is important for you to identify what Language your girl speaks because you have to be able to meet her needs. If she is speaking Spanish and you are speaking German, things don’t work. Hopefully this helped!