Juck’s Thoughts on GoldenEye

I’m in the process of watching every Bond movie, from the first to the most recent. I will be giving my thoughts on each film as I go along. Not many people have seen every Bond film, and so I feel that this should be an interesting journey. Let’s get started!


Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as Bond was much like that of Roger Moore. In other words, Brosnan played the role conservatively. He did the charm, he did the humor, and he did the action. I believe that it will take another film for Brosnan to ease into the role of Bond and to exude confidence naturally. Nonetheless, Brosnan did a fine job as 007.

GoldenEye begins with a spectacular bungee jump that serves as a throwback to the iconic parachute stunt from the Spy Who Loved Me. If there is any stunt to rival that in the Spy Who Loved Me, it’s this one.goldeneye 3

The percussion-based Bond score was well done overall, save for the music played over the opening car chase sequence. It was as if the 80s regurgitated onto the 90s. No thank you. Other than that hiccup, the score was dynamic in spite of its ambiance.

GoldenEye features a couple of new cast members. Moneypenny, now the third version in the series, is formidable. She holds her own against Bond without an issue. She has a sass to her that is electric. M, now played by Judi Dench, is commanding and ultimately badass. She too is able to stick it to Bond. In fact, one of the best scenes of the film is defined by M calling out Bond for what he is. The exchange is golden.

Q, while still portrayed by Desmond Llewelyn, appears to be amped up as well. His Q branch scene is hilarious and charged with ceaseless energy. The entire supporting cast creates a strong base for Brosnan to stand on. I trust that he will take full advantage of the talented individuals around him in future films.

While GoldenEye did beckon in fresh faces, there still remains remnants of an older era, specifically the Moore era. The film’s henchman, Onatop, provided for some good laughs, but she was ridiculous. Her whole shtick may as well have been pulled directly from the Moore era. Her whole deal was strange, really.

7ff8bbdbedee967a9a4cfb838485c150This film also introduces CIA agent Jack Wade. I will refer to him as Sheriff Pepper Version 2, because that is all he is. 

Over all, I enjoyed GoldenEye. Its grand action pieces that put Bond against the world were engaging, if over-the-top at times. Furthermore, Brosnan has room to grow into Bond’s suit. I am confident that he will.