The Rating System

The Meat Scale. This is what I call my Rating System. Why? Because I love meat. It’s important to know how I rate movies, because this whole site uses the Meat Scale. Now, though there are five rankings on the scale, it doesn’t mean that it correlates to star ratings. For example, a Porkchop (the third ranking) isn’t equal to 3 stars. Now that we have that cleared up, let me go through the criteria for the three types of reviews: Movies, video games, and books. Here’s an in depth look at the Meat Scale.



Filet Mignon: This is a movie that you would buy for Blu-Ray to keep, and you could watch it multiple times. It satisfies you each time you watch it. A Filet is the highest merit a movie can receive.

T-Bone: This is a movie that you would recommend your friends to see. It met your expectations, and you enjoyed it. You may even purchase it on DVD.

Porkchop: This is a movie that you will forget an hour or two out of the theater. You advise your friends not to see it, and it isn’t necessarily bad, but it just isn’t impressive. There’s not much pop. No wow factor. It’s all forgettable and passable.

Hot Dog:  Has JUST enough substance to keep it from being Catfood.

Cat Food: Horrible on every level. There is no good quality to it, it is strenuous to watch, and you would like to erase it from you memory.


Video Games:

Filet Mignon: A lot of content, addictive, and very well done. A game that keeps you busy for a long time, the replayability value high.

T-Bone: A fun game, something you enjoy and would recommend.

Porkchop: A game you could do without. It’s playable, but it doesn’t have enough to make it a game that stands out.

Hot Dog: A game that is horribly executed, with a small amount of content and too tedious of objectives.

Cat Food: Horrible in every way. This game has no explanation of what to do, everything is done poorly, and there seems to be no effort. Frustrating and not enjoyable.



Filet Mignon: An album that you would purchase, recommend, and listen to over and over. The strong majority of the album is enjoyable.

T-Bone: A great album with great tracks. You would recommend it to others.

Porkchop: A split album. Half of the tracks were successes, the other half weren’t enjoyable.

Hotdog: A majority of the album is crap. Aside from a couple of tracks, it’s weak.

Catfood: Nothing is listenable.




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