A Vacation Vlog-type Post…Good Idea or No?

In mid-late July, I’ll be taking a trip to New Jersey. I’ll be there for three weeks, hanging with family and friends. What will happen to the blog when I’m on vacation, I’ll discuss when the date gets closer. But for now, I have to ask you guys a question. Should I do some vlogging and then upload the footage when I get back? To give you an idea of what I’ll be doing, I will be at Six Flags, in Washington, DC for a weekend,  meeting with friends, hanging with family, etc. I assure you, my friends and family are not boring by any means, and neither will the trip be. No matter what, I would make the vlogs interesting and personal. Instead of recapping about what went on during the day, things will be recorded real time, so you won’t be watching me ramble on in a random room about the fun I had. I am asking you guys because I want to see if you guys are interested to begin with. Because I can really put together a nice video log for you…as long as there is an audience out there that wants to see my trip play out and learn more about me. Because vlogging is through video rather than text, it will really give you guys a chance to see me and learn more about me. So please vote below: Would you like me to get footage of my trip and post it for you? Maybe leaving a comment with your thoughts would help better explain your reasoning. Thanks for the support!



3 comments on “A Vacation Vlog-type Post…Good Idea or No?

  1. This sounds cool, but I’d like to see some media related stuff on there too. Movies and the like. Not that your vacation wouldn’t be fascinating as well. 😉 I hope you have fun back on the east coast! Wish I could trade you and go to Cali for a week!

    • DKR comes out on the 20th, so I am trying to get into the midnight showing so I can review it before i leave. Nonetheless, I’ll see it in Jersey if I don’t get to it here. I’m leaving on July 22nd and coming back on the 15 of August. I’ll give more details in a later post, but I’ll be sure to get some media stuff in there. I’ve got you guys covered 🙂

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