Movie Monday: Star Wars Episode VII Cancelled (Fake for April Fool’s)

This has got to be the crappiest news I have ever relayed through Movie Monday. What a way to start off the week. George Lucas was the first to report that Star Wars Episode VII has been cancelled due to “licensing issues.”

George Lucas

JJ Abrams has yet to comment, and we are practically in the dark as to why this has happened. As George Lucas isn’t affiliated with the further projects (allegedly), it seems strange that we would hear this news from him. Maybe his “licensing” has come back to bite him in the butt, as I would imagine that he would make some cash off of the new movie in some way.

Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill have not weighed in thus far, and so this is all very new news. has made a tweet about the news, clearly disappointed.


So this sucks, truly. Excuse my unprofessional manner. This would have been a huge advancement in film and movies as a whole. Now, the project is scrapped. Off the map, due to court and license and all of this unnecessary garbage. It’s all this man’s fault! Under the picture is a video explaining further and more of my ranting.

By the way, this was an April Fool’s joke. None of this is true in any way. The tweets were edited by yours truly and all of it is FAKE. Prank your nerd friends by sending them this link! That’s what this day is about, right? Peace out.



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