A Look Back at Black Ops 2 DLC

This year’s DLC season has come to an end. Black Ops 2’s DLC was strong, and with Ghosts right around the corner, I felt that it would be appropriate to take a look back at the best and worst of the year, from multiplayer maps to zombie stages. I want to hear YOUR best and worst in the comments below. Here we go!

First up are the multiplayer maps. In green are outstanding maps, in orange are decent maps, and in red are poor maps. Keep in mind that these are MY opinions, not what I claim to be fact.

        Pack 1:           Pack 2:          Pack 3:        Pack 4:

Hydro           Magma       Uplink           Pod

   Downhill        Encore         Rush            Frost

        Grind             Vertigo        Cove             Takeoff

 Mirage          Studio          Detour          Dig

As for the zombie maps:

           Die Rise         Mob of the     Buried        Origins


Favorite map from each pack:

            Mirage           Vertigo            Uplink           Frost

Favorite zombie map:


It’s been a promising year. 56% of the maps were exceptionally great. 31% are decent, complete maps. (Orange is by no means a negative indicator. Orange indicates maps that are fine in the rotation, though not my personal favorites.) 12% were poor maps. That means that I enjoyed 87% of the maps. I was personally satisfied by Black Ops 2’s DLC.

The first pack hit every corner of the square: Water, Snow, “fun”, and Sand. It also released the Peacekeeper, making many of those who were indecisive about purchasing the Season Pass give in.

The second pack introduced the very first re-skin of the DLC season, as well as Lava/Fire centric map, a clean-cut, glass/white-walls map, and another “fun” map.

The third pack brought a second re-skin to the table, along with a “fun” map, a beach map, and a bridge map.

 The final pack contained two re-skins, one of which was a re-skin of a previous DLC map. It also contained another snow map and a grungy street map.

The first zombie map was centered around mystery, whereas the second was all about the stars that were animated along with the Alcatraz setting. The third, while simple in delivery, was all about the Wild West, and the concluding zombie map was a complicated look back at the origins of zombies, which were far more intriguing while they were speculated.

What do you think? Were you impressed by this year’s DLC content? I want your opinions. 🙂



3 comments on “A Look Back at Black Ops 2 DLC

  1. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but isn’t apocalypse supposed to be Origins? Besides that, I think that all if the maps are amazing. Nice job!

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